Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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The Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Even though there are many types of e-bike conversion kits available out there, e-bike wheel and mid drive systems are the most popular options.E-bike wheel conversion kits require you to replace the front or rear wheel of a regular bicycle with the motorized wheel containing the motor and gears. The eBikeling front or rear wheel e-bike conversion kit is a great example of this system.Mid drive e-bike conversion kits on the other hand require you to install the motor onto the bottom bracket of your bike. The BAFANG BBSO2 mid drive e-bike conversion kit is a great example here.Read on for a comprehensive review of the most popular electric bike conversion kits out there.[wptb id=291]

1. eBikeling Front Or Rear Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Based in Chicago, Illinois, eBikeling prides itself of being one of the best providers of affordable electric bike conversion kits and accessories. The company which claims to be made up of cycling enthusiasts also prides itself of having a reliable and highly responsive customer care department that is keen on helping customers whenever called upon.Here’s a review of the eBikeling e-bike conversion kit.


As one of their most capable e-bike conversion kits, the eBikeling 1,200W direct drive conversion kit includes a motorized wheel that can be mounted as the rear or front wheel on your chosen bicycle frame. Buyers can also choose to have an LCD or LED display as well as a twist or thumb throttle.

This Kit Includes:

Hub motor attached to the wheel, LED display (LCD is optional), torque arm, pedal assist sensor, throttle, cable ties, brake levers and controller. You will have to buy the tire and 48V battery separately.
Main Features

  • Waterproof construction
  • Ready to install 26 inch double layer aluminum wheel with hub motor
  • 1,200W brushless direct drive hub motor
  • 30Amp controller
  • 12.9 pound motor wheel weight
  • 2.125, 1.95, 1.75 inch recommended tire width
  • Maximum speed rating of 26 to 35 mph

Different working modes: The eBikeling e-bike conversion kit is designed to support a couple of working modes including throttle response and pedal assist supported by the PAS (Pedal Assist Sensor). This simply means that you can choose pedaling for extra power and longer range on the battery, or getting a boost from the throttle response whenever needed.Optional LCD Display: While an LED display is included in the kit, buyers can choose to upgrade it to an LCD display. This comes with the advantage of displaying more information on an easy to read screen. The LCD screen displays among others PAS levels, batter charge percentage, speed, total and single trip distances and possible error codes.


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  • Easy to install: Since the motor wheel comes with the hub motor already in place, installation is straightforward. All components and the necessary tools for installation are included in the package.
  • Torque arm included in the package for free.
  • Great customer care: eBikeling is an American company based in Chicago, IL, making it easily reachable especially in case you require any sort of assistance.
  • All components included in the conversion kit come with a 3 month warranty from eBikeling.


  • Can only be used on bicycles with the corresponding tire size.

2. BAFANG BBSO2 Mid Drive electric Bike Conversion Kit


If you are looking for an e-bike conversion kit that can fit on just about any bike, the BAFANG BBSO2 48V 750W mid drive e-bike conversion kit is definitely a great choice to consider. Designed to easily fit a 68 – 73 mm bottom bracket, this unit will fit on most bike frames. If you have a fat bike with a larger 100 – 120 mm bottom bracket, you can also find this motor with a bottom bracket shaft extension.This Kit Includes: BBSO2 48V and 750W mid drive motor, thumb throttle, brake sensor/brake lever, speed sensor and magnets, crank, chainring, LCD display, all the necessary cabling, free headlight, nuts and bolts and the necessary installation tools. The battery and charger are optional and can be ordered together with the motor kit; however, they are delivered separately.
Main Features

  • 48V and 750W brushless gear motor (the motor can also be powered by a 52V battery)
  • BAFANG controller built into the motor
  • Mounts on 68 – 73 mm bottom bracket

Universal compatibility: This BAFANG mid drive e-bike conversion kit is designed to be mounted on just about any bicycle frame provided that it has a 68 and 73 mm bottom bracket.Two working modes: Pedal assist and E-bike. While the e-bike mode lets you use the throttle to propel the bicycle, pedal assist mode allows you to pedal and provide more power to assist the motor and therefore extend the range of the battery.


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  • The powerful BBSO2 motor will have you zooming around in high speed in not time
  • As previously stated this kit can be fitted on most bicycle frames
  • The BAFANG e-bike conversion kit is easy to install. There are numerous YouTube videos detailing the installation procedure. However, if you don’t think you can get this done, consider having it installed by a pro.
  • BAFANG offer free shipping and customs for all customers in the US
  • This kit comes with a one year warranty
  • BAFANG operates a North American after sales center to cater to ensure that they offer great customer service


  • One of the main limitations of this kit comes in the fact that BBSO2 motors are sometimes reported to have reliability issues especially if the throttle is used frequently.

With the above information in mind, choosing between the BAFANG BBSO2 mid drive and eBikeling rear wheel electric bicycle kit will be much easier.

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