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Walmart Electric Bike Alternatives That Worth Checking Out

When it comes to shopping around for an electric bike Walmart is one of the first places people turn to. Although the top sellers at the retail giant are good buys, there are three electric bikes that are comparable to a few of the top sellers. The three comparable bikes, as well as info about each, are as followed: [wptb id=516]

1. The ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

The top selling electric bike Walmart sells is a great buy, but so is the Ancheer folding electric mountain bike. This bike is ideal for those who enjoy mountain biking, but might need a bit of extra help going up steep hills or for when they start feeling tired. Just like Walmart’s top selling electric mountain bike, the Ancheer folding bike is durable, so it will last for a longtime. The bike is lightweight and can easily be folded. This means it can be stored virtually anywhere. Not only that, but features double shock absorption and a 21-speed transmission. When it comes to speed and power, the Ancheer mountain bike does not lack either.


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The electric system is impressive too. It features a 250W stable motor, as well as a 36V 8AH battery. Riders can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour and go as far as 15 to 30 miles off a single charge. This makes it a good bike to bring on an adventure or for work purposes or to just travel for fun around the neighborhood.It has 26 inch wheels and they are extremely strong due to being made from aluminum alloy. Not only that, but the tires are very thick, making the bike suitable for roadways, rain or snowy mountain ways. Since the tires are strong, they can withstand harsh elements out on the mountains or the roads.There are three working modes to choose from, with one being normal bike mode. The other two are e-bike mode and assisted bike mode. Users can easily go from one mode to the next. Visit nasty. Combining the three modes on a ride is the best choice to go with, regardless if the bike is being used on the roads or on trails in the mountain.

2. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle

This bike by Ecotric is ideal for those who are new to e-bikes, but it’s good enough to impress experienced users too. The price of this electric bike is comparable to the top sellers at Walmart, but it is slightly more affordable. Not just that, but the features it is packed with are amazing.Speed wise, the bike can reach up to 20 miles per hour and riders have several gears to choose from. The bike is known for being fast, as well as quick pickup speed and offering riders a smooth trip. More importantly, the bike is reliable and sturdy, so don’t expect it to wobble much when on it.


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The weight of the bike is just under 60 lbs. It is capable of carrying a rider who weighs up to 260 pounds. Regardless of how much weight the bike is carrying, it will still offer cycling power comparable to some of the best electric bikes out on the market today. Users have multiple modes to choose from. This includes pedal assist, hybrid cycling and walk assist. It doesn’t matter what mode a user chooses, they will be in for a smooth ride.Perhaps the best ting about the Ecotric electric bike is its anti-skidding tires. The tires adapt to all sorts of terrains, including sandy terrains and snowy terrains. The braking system is extremely responsive and reliable. Asides from that, it is powered by a 36V/12AH batter that can be removed and recharged.

3. Cyclamatic GTE PRO Step-Through

This is a basic electric bike, but make no mistake about it; It is one of the best bikes money can buy. Compared to some of the top sellers at Walmart, this bike is much more affordable. However, it is built solid, lightweight and doesn’t require much maintenance at all. The overall design makes it beginner-friendly, as the frame isn’t that high. This means getting off and on it is simple and fast. Simply jump on it and you’re good to go. The Cyclamatic’s battery doesn’t take long to charge and the battery lasts for a very long time. Riders can ride it for around 30-37 miles before needing to recharge it. This is impressive and it means users won’t have to constantly charge it back up.

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Since it’s beginner-friendly, users won’t struggle to figure out how it works. Although it does come with an owner’s manual, the chances are people won’t need it. Generally speaking, it will take a very short period of time to get completely used to the bike.As for distance, it can travel very far. Its maximum distance is between 31 miles and 37 miles. Many similar models aren’t capable of going that far. This is why the Cyclamatic electric bike is the perfect bike to commute to and from work or to go on long bike rides or to bring when one is wanting to explore new places. The next time someone wants an electric bike Walmart may be a good place to check out. However, the three electric bikes mentioned above are all high quality bikes that are worth their prices. Go ahead and take time to consider which one to buy.

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